Welcome to the Monarch Family

Greater Vancouver PEDIATRIC DENTISTS & kids at heart


Are you looking for a dentist for your infant, toddler, child or teen in Greater Vancouver?

If so, you're probably looking for a dentist that:

  • provides the highest possible standard of care
  • has the special training, experience and care needed to treat babies and children, including those with special needs
  • uses up-to-date technology and knows the latest innovations in pediatric dental treatment
  • has a clean, modern & fun office environment
  • is conveniently located near you
  • offers after-school and weekend appointments so you don't have to take a day off for every visit
  • can bill your insurance directly
  • is honest, ethical and puts their patients - children and families - first

Do any of these sound familiar?

Of course they do - you want them all! After all, you want the absolute best for your children... and so do we.

How we'll make your child's dentist visits easy and fun

Children are special people, requiring a kid-friendly environment and specialized techniques.

Positive early dental care experiences contribute to life-long oral health.

Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre is a fun, playful environment designed to inspire adventure, not anxiety.

Our welcome areas are full of toys, books and video games to keep children engaged in fun activities while they wait their turn.

Every Monarch family member is a friendly, trained professional who has extensive experience working with kids.

We developed our Kid Friendly Care process to help even the most anxious kids (and parents) feel comfortable and safe in our care.

After all, it takes kids (at heart) to understand kids, right?

Each Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre has nature-inspired theme including trees, blue-sky ceilings, huge fresh-water aquariums, and of course, butterflies.

Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre's welcome areas have adjacent play areas with toys, books and video games.

Kid Friendly Care


At every step, we'll tell your child what we're about to do using simple, Kid Friendly Words.


We'll show your child every instrument before we use it, and explain it using plain language they'll understand.


We gently apply our expert dental treatment so your child will feel comfortable and safe in our care.


Every patient gets a token to exchange for a prize from the Treasure Tower after their visit.

Meet your Dentists

Dr. John    P  ediatric dentist & golf enthusiast

Dr. John
Pediatric dentist & golf enthusiast

Dr. Peter    P  ediatric dentist & cycling croissant-addict

Dr. Peter
Pediatric dentist & cycling croissant-addict

Dr. Mark   Pediatric dentist & scuba diving selfie-addict

Dr. Mark
Pediatric dentist & scuba diving selfie-addict

Dr. Elsa    P  ediatric dentist & marathoner

Dr. Elsa
Pediatric dentist & marathoner

Dr. Jennifer    P  ediatric dentist & multi-tasking yogi

Dr. Jennifer
Pediatric dentist & multi-tasking yogi

Dr. Jonathan   Pediatric dentist & Canucks fan

Dr. Jonathan
Pediatric dentist & Canucks fan

Meet your Associates

Dr. Shan   Pediatric dentist & travelling board gamer

Dr. Shan
Pediatric dentist & travelling board gamer

Dr. Winnie   Pediatric dentist & aspiring landscape artist

Dr. Winnie
Pediatric dentist & aspiring landscape artist


The Admin Office

The Recall Team


And the whole Pediatric Team


Meet our friends & colleagues

Meet your extended Monarch family


Every Monarch family member contributes something unique, and special to your patient experience.

They're all friendly, trained professionals who have extensive experience working with kids... and they're kids at heart, too.

Certified Dental Assistants (CDAs)

Works with doctors, patients and their families to provide a personalized patient experience using the highest standards of care and innovation in pediatric dentistry.

Reception Team

Works with doctors, CDAs, patients, families and insurance companies to facilitate smooth operations and the best possible patient experience.

Administration Team

Supports the medical, clinical and reception team have the right tools and resources needed to provide you with the best patient experience possible.

Together, we build healthy happy smiles that last a lifetime.